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Training Course Outline

Isla Grande Flying School and Service Corp. is located on the

North ramp of Isla Grande Airport in San Juan, PR and holds

Air Agency Certificate Number FHSS893D.

1. Course Title: Instrument Rating Course  Airplane Single Engine Land

2. Prerequisites: Applicants must have at least a current FAA Private Pilot Certificate and current Third Class Medical Certificate.

3. Program Curriculum: This Training Course Outline (TCO) meets the curriculum  requirements for the Instrument Airplane Rate Course contained in Appendix C of  FAR Part 141. The detailed Instrument Rating Course Training Syllabus is included  in the attached Cessna  Cleared for Approach syllabus.

4. Flight Training: This course consists of a minimum of 35 hours of flight training.

5. Ground Training: This course consists of a minimum of 30 hours of ground instruction in addition to the Pre and Post flight instruction provided in the Cessna  “ Cleared for Approach” syllabus. Ground training will be complete when the student has  successfully completed all lab lessons and has successfully passed the FAA Knowledge Test

for this rating.

6. Course Objective: The course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge,  skill, and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for an Instrument  Airplane Rating.

7. Course Completion Standards: To meet the completion standards, the student must demonstrate through knowledge tests, flight tests, and show through appropriate records that he/she meets the knowledge, skill, and experience requirements necessary for the Instrument Rating in accordance with the current FAA Instrument Airplane Practical  Test Standards.