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If you have lived in Puerto Rico at any time within the last sixty years and mentioned Aviation, the name Isla Grande Flying School will surely become  an integral part of the conversation.  This icon of Puertorrican Aviation opened for business back in 1953 and battered the hardest of all tests, the test of time.  

How can any business entity endure such a test and still retain the spark and dedication of that first day of operation half a century in the past?

The main reason is that its driving force in this contagious love of that benign addiction that touches anyone that has ever had the DREAM OF FLIGHT.  It is one of only two schools in Puerto Rico recognized as such by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Education.  Today Isla Grande Flying School has grown to a fleet of more than twenty aircraft.  The fleet’s composition includes basic single engine trainers, advanced “glass cockpit” aircraft, complex aircraft, twin engine airplanes, tail-draggers and helicopters.  The reason for such ample array of equipment is to satisfy  all the training needs of the local customer.  

The principal training aircraft used in the School are CESSNA, statistically proven to be the World’s safest, this led Isla Grande Flying School to become the  First International Cessna Pilot Center in the World.

How important can this be?

Very important.  Cessna Pilot Centers are training providers approved and contracted directly by this aircraft manufacturer.  Another benefit in this association for the student is that IGFS has partnered with Mountain State University in West Virginia, which recognizes and provides university credits for licenses obtained in IGFS towards a degree with them.

IGFS has strived to be a ONE STOP shop for ALL AVIATION in our beautiful Island, and the sentinel for Isla Grande Airport, has it been successful?

Enduring the past fifty five years is a proof of an endless battle against all odds and a profound labor of love for aviation has made it possible.

We truly hope IGFS is able to complete a full century serving Aviation in Puerto Rico.